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Data Destruction & Security

Destruction of proprietary client data is mission-critical and takes many forms, ranging from DOD-standard data erasure to degaussing, to shredding. Tens of thousands of hard drives are destroyed entirely under Global's control within its own secure facilities each year.

The Global team is trained, certified and operates to the highest data security standards. All data destruction is conducted under video surveillance and in a locked cage with independent administrative supervision. Documentation of the process and current training are audited through a 3rd party under Global's R2 V3 certification.

Degaussing is accepted as the highest form of secure data destruction under NIST special publication 800-88 and Global operates the latest NSA tested and verified equipment. If the client contracts Global to process their own hard drives for reuse with the same organization, then DOD standard 5220.22-M is employed. Drives that are not successfully wiped are physically destroyed. Where degaussing is used, the final step is also physical destruction.

Upon completion of a successful degauss and destruction or wipe, the serial number of the drive is reported with the Certificate of Destruction. Global never outsources any step of data destruction. Vertical integration and accountability are key to Global's unblemished 15-year track record.

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