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Custom Solutions

Global works closely with our clients' IT asset management teams to develop successful one-off solutions for client-specific challenges. For example:

On-site client data center decommissioning, for example, is a regular request. Global-trained employees handle the entire process seamlessly at the client field location, providing service deconstruction through the safe transportation of client IT assets for safekeeping to Global's secure processing facilities.

A Global custom engineering specialty involves technical analysis of fail points in deployed assets based on observations and analysis gained from decommissioning destruction. This custom service assists the clients in future IT asset procurement.

Development of secure online ordering systems is yet another example of custom solutions developed by Global to meet client-specific needs. To facilitate IT project asset deployment, Global clients are able to order their own assets for field deployment from dedicated, secure online inventory that is managed physically from Global's secure warehousing. Client inventory is thereby up-dated in real-time, and orders received through the client portal are shipped same day by Global's in-house fulfillment team.

Some clients have asked Global to host employee "Green Day" events at various locations around the country, raising awareness among their employees of the importance of environmental responsibilities.

Natural disasters can obviously strike at any time, and Global is on-duty 24/7 to lend hands-on assistance in dealing with crises such as floods, hurricanes and tornados. Working hand-in-hand with client headquarters and local management, Global prepares and configures replacement equipment for immediate deployment to the stricken field location to enable operations to be up and running quickly again.

Clients also ask Global to assist in helping others by donating surplus IT assets to client-supported causes. Global happily partners with our clients to create charitable programs and manages the donation process from start to finish, providing to the client a full audit report for their internal accounting department.

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